Wicked Campervan Hire


Campervans are a very good way of touring around or just a great sort of accommodation as they are essentially a basic hotel room on wheels. Some even have stoves and fridges which is not only convenient but incredibly cost effective when you compare them to the cost of hotel rooms. If you think of a campervan you may either picture a hippy style van with flowers on it or an old, ugly tank-like van that is falling apart and in dire need of a service. This is where Wicked Campervan Hire can prove you wrong as they offer something different and unique.

What Is Wicked Campervan Hire?

Focusing on the young and the young at heart and specialising in campervans for music festivals and other gatherings, Wicked Campervan Hire are able to provide modern, well equipped vans for you to use on any trip – be it down to Europe or anywhere in the world. The selling point about the Wicked Campervans is that they are incredibly stylish and functional whilst also being very affordable. Designed and perfectly suited for a few friends and a long road trip or a weekend away, Wicked Campervan Hire has made campervans socially acceptable again so you can save some money and not sacrifice your social standing if you hire one.

The Wicked Campervan Hire Company

Wicked Campervans pride themselves on offering an exclusive experience when you hire one of their campervans and as such all rentals are completed through them. They offer unlimited mileage with every rental and operate throughout Europe so you aren’t stuck with a UK holiday if you want to enjoy some nicer weather. Their focus is on short term rentals where you’ll just need the campervan as a place to sleep at night because you’ll be too busy to sit inside, but what they do, they do well.

Wicked Campervan Hire Costs

Wicked Campervan Hire always have fantastic specials running on their campervan hire service. At the time of writing, they were offering a two sleeper campervan for £180 for a full week, which is very good. Average prices on their rentals for the two seater / sleeper model are £45 a day, which is a great price considering what you’re really getting for it. Remember that there are unlimited mileage options offered on all rentals and the vans are very new and modern. The only stipulation for rentals from Wicked Campervan Hire is that you have a blast when you go on holiday in their vans!

Wicked campervan hire are taking a market that wouldn’t usually be associated with the young and hip, and turning their campervans into vehicles that you would want to be seen driving because they maintain a great sense of style and are visually stunning. If you’re going to a music festival or just away for a weekend or a road trip with some friends, give Wicked Campervan hire a shout to see what they can offer you when it comes to campervan hire.

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