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If you’re reading this article I’m going to bet that you love the outdoors, travelling and possibly even camping. After all, we Brits know how fabulous a holiday spent outdoors can be. But what if you fancy something slightly more luxurious than your tent this year? Something that has a comfy mattress to sleep on and is warmer during the cooler months of the year yet still gives you the flexibility to travel wherever you want and sleep wherever you want. If this sounds ideal you might want to look into campervan hire UK.

Campervan Hire UK Companies

Campervan hire UK has increased in popularity over the last few years and with this has come a whole host of campervan hire companies. Some of the most renowned include:

  • Pembrokeshire Classic Campers – This Wales based company specialises in retro Volkswagen campervans with room to sleep four.
  • Big Tree Campervans – Located in Perthshire, Scotland, Big Tree Campervans specialise in the Toyota Granvias range of luxury campervans. All of their campervans come fully equipped and have plenty of storage space to ensure your holiday is as comfortable as possible.
  • Spaceships Rentals – Located in London, Spaceships Rentals have a new fleet of campervans for almost all occasions. They also allow customers to take their vehicles into Europe and insurance is included on all hires.
  • Bunk Campers – This company is located in Northern Ireland and has campervans to suit all needs. They have campervans which accommodate between two and six people and claim to be able to meet even the tightest of travel budgets. Road trip around Ireland anyone?

Finding Campervan Hire UK Companies

The best way to find a campervan hire company that meets your needs is by asking friends or family members who have hired a campervan before who they used and what their experiences were like. You could also look at the customer testimonials of a few companies or ask people at festivals or campsites. If they haven’t hired a campervan themselves they will possibly know of someone who has.

The Estimated Costs of Campervan Hire UK

The price of campervan hire UK will depend on a number of factors including the company you hire from, the make and model of the campervan, the size of the campervan, the duration of your hire period and the time of year you require the vehicle. For example, if you choose to hire one of the luxury campervans offered by Big Tree Campervans you can expect to pay £80 a day in low season or £100 a day in high season. Most companies will however give you a discount if you hire the vehicle for an extended period.

Campervan hire UK truly is a great option if you want to travel around the UK and take in numerous sights at an affordable price. With the convenience of a home on wheels, you can go wherever you want to at a time that suits you… and you can leave the hassles of expensive public transport behind.

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