4wd Campervan Hire


Hiring a campervan is a great way to spend a holiday driving from one place to the next, without the need of pre booking campsites and setting up the tent every night, only to have to break it down again the next day. With a campervan, you have everything with you, a kitchen, living room, bedroom and bathroom. You can quite literally park on the side of the road and spend the rest of the day in comfort!

What is 4wd Campervan Hire?

Sometimes, you will be driving over very rough terrains or perhaps you just prefer having more control over your campervan. In these cases, 4wd campervan hire may be the solution for you. Generally, 4wd campervan hire is offered by companies in the United Kingdom for holiday makers abroad, for example in Canada or Australia, where having a 4wd can be of great importance due to the road conditions.

4wd Campervan Hire Companies

There are many companies that you could look into if you are thinking of 4wd campervan hire. Some of the better known companies in the United Kingdom are:

  • Galivanting Oz, who specialise in organising trips to Australia, including 4wd campervan hire.
  • 5th Gear, who offer the Britz Adventurer Camper as a 4wd campervan hire in Australia.
  • Campervan Hire Australia, focussing on many different campervans, including 4wd campervan hire in Australia.
  • Sta Travel, specialising in organising full self catering trips to faraway destinations including Australia and also offer a 4wd campervan hire service.

4wd Campervan Hire Costs

The costs of 4wd campervan hire will vary greatly depending on your exact requirements. Campervans come in many different shapes and sizes, which will influence the price. Many companies offering 4wd campervan hire will encourage longer term hire, meaning that your overall day by day costs will be greatly reduced if you opt for longer 4wd campervan hire.

As a guideline, a Nomad 4wd campervan hire agreement will cost you around £27 per day. This campervan sleeps two adults and one child. A slightly larger Breezer which only sleeps two people but has more space for creature comforts costs around £32 per day. A very large Warrior, comfortable sleeping four adults, will cost around £20 per day. It is interesting to note that generally with 4wd campervan hire, the larger the campervan the more expensive the price. This is, in part, due to the expensive running cost of larger vans and hence ensures people travelling in groups will be more tempted to hire one large van instead of several small vans.

So, if you feel like driving all over the United Kingdom, stopping at locations that take your fancy for as long as you want, without the need for setting up and breaking down tents, 4wd campervan hire may be just right for you. Having all the comforts you need right there with you is fantastic: no need to traipse across a campsite holding a toilet roll or your dishes, all facilities are present right there in your campervan!

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