Campervan hire UK Cheap


Are you looking through holiday brochures and struggling to find anything within your budget? If so why not look into taking a campervan hire holiday. By choosing to holiday in a campervan you can either spend a week in the beautiful UK countryside or you could travel from city to city on a nationwide beer crawl; the choice is yours. There are a wide range of UK companies now offering campervan hire and one thing is for sure –compared to the costs of air fares and hotels, a campervan hire holiday is cheap!

What is Campervan Hire UK Cheap?

Campervan hire UK cheap is exactly what it sounds like – a campervan hire in the UK that meets or beats your budget. There are a number of companies in the UK that offer this service but the prices offered by each company are as different as the service you will receive. Finding a company that meets your budget can take some research but by learning a bit more about campervan hire, you can learn how to reduce your costs or find a company that can meet them.

Campervan Hire UK Cheap Companies

The definition of cheap will vary depending on what you can afford to spend and what you would like included in the service. Below are some of the cheaper companies in the UK for weekly hires:

  • Wicked Campers – this company have a variety of different campervans available for hire with prices starting at just £20 a day. They operate not only in the UK but also in Europe, making them a top choice for students and young couples.
  • Spaceships Rentals – This company offer campervans for both UK and European hire. They have vehicles that fit 2 people up to vehicles that fit 8 people and they are one of the cheapest companies in the UK.
  • Budget Campervans – Like the above two companies, Budget Campervans offers campervans for hire in the UK and Europe however they also have offices as far afield as New Zealand and Canada. Their prices are very cheap compared to most companies and this is what makes them such a popular company.

Estimated Costs of Campervan Hire UK Cheap

The cost to hire a campervan varies from company to company but it is possible to find some fantastic deals. Generally the price per day decreases as your hire period increases so if you are thinking about taking a long weekend break it may turn out to be the same price for a week. For example, if you choose to hire a campervan from Wicked Campers the price for a two berth vehicle starts at £20 per day and increases to £45 depending on the length of the hire.

So whether you fancy touring the UK countryside or taking a week long beer crawl through some of the cities with the most active nightlives in the UK, travelling by campervan is a great way to get around… and much cheaper than a more conventional method!

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