Wedding VW Campervan Hire


When it comes to wedding transport, you want to arrive at the church and go from the church to the reception venue in style and at the same time turn some heads. When you opt for wedding VW campervan hire, you’ll do just that. Most of these 50’s and 60’s style campervans follow a cream and coffee colour scheme and really sing tradition when you see them. They provide great comfortable transport and go so very well with your long white wedding dress that they make a great photographic backdrop too. Wedding VW campervan hire companies are often fully booked and require a number of months notice if you are to secure one for your wedding, so read on and find out exactly what you need to know about them.

What Is Wedding VW Campervan Hire?

Wedding VW campervan hire is one of those niche markets that bring such an amazing level of vintage and style to your wedding. Most of these vans are meticulously restored vintage campervans that have been specially renovated to make sure that they accommodate the bride and her bridal party comfortably and in complete style for the trips to the church and reception. Many photographers love the wedding VW campervan hire too because they can use it in the wedding photographs that always come out well. While it might not be traditional to make use of a wedding VW campervan hire, it certainly will be one of the things about your wedding that you’ll never forget.

Wedding VW Campervan Hire Companies

  • Strawberry Leisure offer traditional vintage wedding VW Campervan hire and have a fleet of 3 different options, from the tradition coffee and cream colourings to a more bold red and white colour. They also have other vehicle types on offer.
  • Lovebug pride themselves on the attention to detail they offer with their Wedding VW campervan hire, offered in their campervan called Dillwyn, a coffee and cream campervan full of personality.
  • Comfy Campers have a variety of wedding packages available including self drive and chauffeur hires. Prices start from £350 for four hours.

Wedding VW Campervan Hire Costs

Whatever the occasion, you’ll be pleased to know that these wedding VW campervan hire vehicles come at an affordable price. Although far more than an average campervan, most are meticulously maintained and look absolutely picturesque - and they will look great with you in your dress next to them. For a single vehicle, one of the companies quoted £395. For the use of two wedding VW campervan hire vehicles the price was £599 and three came in at £997. These were all provided with a chauffeur driven service and complimentary bottle of champagne. This price is fairly average amongst the companies offering the service.

Your wedding is something that you want to remember for the rest of your life and every detail needs to be perfect. That’s why careful consideration should be put into every element of the wedding, and the car is one of the big ones. You can’t go wrong with a wedding VW campervan hire for an elegant and stunning transport option.

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