Europe campervan hire


Hiring a campervan is becoming increasingly popular. It allows people to come and go as they please, whilst having the comfort of their own bedroom, kitchen and bathroom with them wherever they are. There is a host of different campervans available, including vintage or retro campervans for those who want to go on a trip down memory lane; luxury campervans that have the most fantastic creature comforts; or even pet friendly campervans, that include a little dog home for your furry friends.

What is Europe Campervan Hire?

Europe has so much to see that you could spend countless holidays visiting the different countries one at a time. Opting for Europe campervan hire means you can drive through Europe at your leisure and see it all in one holiday. You could drive through all the beautiful regions of France, and drive all the way down to Spain or Italy, for example. You can stop wherever you see something interesting and spend as much time there as you want. Plus, with Europe campervan hire, you don’t need to worry about where to stay. If you can’t find a campsite that you think is enjoyable, you could even just park on a field or a lay-by and spend the night there!

Europe Campervan Hire Companies

There are quite a few companies that specialise in Europe campervan hire. Some of these will hire you the campervan from the United Kingdom, whereby you have to drive it across whichever crossing you choose, others will offer you Europe campervan hire from one of the many ports in Europe. Some of the companies that offer Europe campervan hire include:

  • Get Away Campers, offering Europe campervan hire from London.
  • Sunseeker Campervan Hire, who are able to offer you Europe campervan hire as well as information on routes to take when travelling Europe.
  • World Wide Motorhire, offering Europe campervan hire, as well as campervan hire in faraway destinations. This company also specialises in one way campervan hire, meaning you do not need to bring your campervan back to the depot you initially got it from.
  • Wicked Campers, offering unusually designed Europe campervan hire, meaning that you will definitely catch people’s eye when you are touring the continent.

Europe Campervan Hire Costs

The cost of Europe campervan hire will depend greatly on the type and size of campervan you require and how long you require it for. Many companies encourage longer term hire, meaning that prices become more competitive if you opt for Europe campervan hire for a week or more. Naturally, there are often many optional extras at an additional cost, such as an additional driver, a bedding and towel pack, a food hamper or satellite navigation.

So, if you are planning that trip of a life time through the many fascinating countries in Europe, Europe campervan hire could be just what you are looking for. And with so many companies offering Europe campervan hire, you are sure to be able to find the campervan that meets all your requirements, including your budget of course.

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