Classic VW campervan hire


Hiring a campervan is a great way to tour interesting areas at your own leisure. You get to decide which areas to visit and which to leave behind, where you get to sleep, what you want to eat and how long you stay in one location. Opting to hire a campervan is also a much safer alternative to hitchhiking, which is still quite popular as well. People opt to hire campervans for any sort of trips, from trekking in the United Kingdom to gap years in Australia.

What is Classic VW Campervan Hire?

Hiring a campervan conjures up images of psychedelically painted Volkswagen vans, with curtains covering the windows, a bead curtain in front of the door and an inside that holds nothing but a mattress, a lava lamp and a group of hippies smoking grass. Even if you did not follow the hippie movement, or if you weren’t around in those days, the idea behind the Volkswagen van has stuck in the minds of people and represents freedom, love and laughter. Companies have coined on the idea of giving people back that sense of freedom by offering classic VW campervan hire, whereby you will be able to tour in an authentic Volkswagen caravan.

Classic VW Campervan Hire Companies

There are more and more companies in the United Kingdom offering classic VW campervan hire. Some of the more reputable of these companies include:

  • Snail Trail, who offer three classic VW campervan hire, aptly named Flo, Dot and Elsie.
  • Classic Campervan Hire, offering 19 different classic VW campervan hire.
  • Outer Motive, specialising in classic VW campervan hire. This company is passionate about VW campervans, and also offer spares and repairs as well as Volkswagen sales.
  • East Coast Campers, offering classic VW campervan hire along the east coast of the United Kingdom.
  • O’Connors Campers, who have an impressive fleet of classic VW campervan hire on offer, ranging from two to six berth, meaning you can take the entire family on your touring trip in your classic VW campervan if you should so choose.

Classic VW Campervan Hire Costs

The cost of classic VW campervan hire will depend entirely on your requirements: which exact classic campervan hire are you looking for, how old you are, how long you require the classic VW campervan hire period to be, how long you have held your licence, where in the United Kingdom you are based, whether you have any points on your licence, will there be any additional drivers, and so on. As an example, a classic VW campervan hire could cost you around £255 for three nights, £340 for four nights and £595 for seven nights.

So, if you are looking to get back in touch with the “make love not war” feeling of the 60s and explore the world in a classic VW van, you need not look far to find a company in the United Kingdom that offers classic VW campervan hire and is able to meet all your needs and requirements.

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