VW Campervan Hire


With a VW campervan rental you can go to locations that larger RVs cannot. The VW Campervans have a kitchenette and sleep four. They allow you the freedom to explore and wander with the luxury of a comfortable bed when you decide to rest. VW campervans are at home equally in an RV park as a tent site, and there are hundreds of free or inexpensive campgrounds are available for your use, from safe, clean and simple privately owned campgrounds that have all the amenities to State and National Park campsites. VW campervans are easy to drive, have excellent occupant visibility, have a comfortable, attractive and modern design and, have high fuel efficiency. Hiring a VW campervan is an excellent way of getting the feel of the VW campervan, particularly the VW bay window camper, as they're the model most often available. You can rent one as a way of doing festivals or near where you live to go touring in.

If you're planning a trip abroad or to another area of the country and like the idea of your own campervan for at least part of your trip, there are rental agencies in a large number of countries. A VW campervan is ideal for a nostalgic trip up the west coast of the US when speed is not essential, and it is just the vehicle to explore all the surfing spots. VW campervans can be hired in South Africa, Germany, Australia, and Hawaii. The best way to do your research is on the Internet. Look out for such extras as insurance, determine what the local campsite provisions are like, find out where to get provisions, and plan your route. Check out the rental company to determine if they are efficient and organized. Determine how maintain their vans and if they can backup their claims with documentation. Some companies are just a couple of individuals with a camper or two, which may be fine if they look after their campervans properly, while others have modern controlled inventory and tracking systems.

Also check exactly what model VW campervans they offer for hire. Find out if they are later models such as T4s or the made in Brazil bay window campers, or if they are old, restored campervans. It is well worth your time to do your research to be sure you don't end up stranded without a replacement vehicle. If you're new to VW campers you will find that it is a great way to get started. Going to an event will help work out the pros and cons of each model, find your way round the different models, and each one, and think about what kind of campervan you might someday buy, where to find a good VW campervan, what you want it for, and the differences between the models and how much the campervans in different conditions sell for. People are always willing to help a newbie so you get enough information to get started.

The various VW campervans made over the years include the Type 2 Split Screen produced from 1950 through 1967, the Type 2 Bay Window Camper produced from 1967 through 1980, the Type 25 VW, known as the Vanagon produced from 1980 through 1991, the Type 4 produced from 1991 through 2003, the Type 5 produced from 2003 (no longer available in the US). VW no longer makes the campervan.

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