VW Campervan For Hire


Many people love to go camping for their annual holiday. Whether it is part of a week in nature or at a festival, taking a tent along gives you the luxury to travel to any location you choose and on a spur of the moment decision if you so wish. But what if a tent is just a little too basic? If you want the convenience of being able to travel anywhere at affordable prices but want to travel in a little more luxury, you might want to look into campervan hire. Obtaining a VW campervan for hire is one of the best ways to go about it!

What is VW Campervan for Hire?

VW (short for Volkswagen) campervans are the most popular make of campervans in the UK today. They have been around ever since the 1960s and this has given some of the older models such as the T1 and T2 an almost cult like following with enthusiasts from all over the world hiring these models for holidays and conventions. The more modern models of VW campervan for hire include the T4 and T5 and these are available through hire companies located all over the UK.

Companies Offering a VW Campervan for Hire

The VW campervans are the most popular campervans in the UK so it should come as no surprise that almost every campervan hire company has a few VW campervans for customers to choose from. Some of the best companies located in the UK include:

  • Snail Trail – Located close to London, Snail Trail specialises in hiring VW campervans. They have five retro style VW campervans for hire with both 2 and 4 berth options available.
  • Classic Camper Van Hire – Located in South West England, Classic Camper Van have a wide range of retro VW campervans for hire. From Bertie (made in 1961) to Lulu (made in 1976) and Maisy (made in 1978) the choice is yours!
  • East Coast Campers – this company has a variety of T2 retro VW campervans for hire. They are located near to the M25 in Essex.

Estimated Costs of a VW Campervan for Hire

As there are so many types of VW campervan you will find that the prices range drastically from as cheap as £30 a day to as much as £150. The price also depends on the length of hire (generally the longer you hire the campervan for, the cheaper the price per day will be) and the time of year you hire it. When hiring a campervan you are advised to see what extras are included in the rental such as VAT and insurance and if you are travelling to Europe you may need extra documentation.

The VW range of campervans are truly out of this world and if you choose to hire one for your holiday or festival it is sure to be an experience like no other. Don’t be surprised though if other campers are jealous, especially if you opt for a retro model!

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