Campervan hire FAQs


The questions that should be asked to a campervan hiring agency are numerous and include:

What type of campers do you have for hire?; Can I come to see the campers?; What are your office hours?; Where are you based?; Do we collect the campervan or do you deliver?; Can we leave our car with you while we're on vacation with the campervan?; Can you meet me at the train station/airport/etc?; What time do we collect/return the camper?; What age do I have to be to rent a campervan?; Can more than one of our party drive the camper?; Can we travel abroad?; How do I schedule a reservation?; What is the booking deposit required?; Is driving insurance included in the hire charge?; I have points on my driving licence, is it still OK for me to hire?; I have an out of country drivers license, can I still drive a campervan?; Are personal belongings covered by the insurance?; Are dogs allowed in the campers?; What do we need to bring with us for the hire?; Should we reserve a campsite in advance?; What are the fuel requirements of the campervan?; How is the stove fueled?; What are the overall dimensions of the vehicle?; Can we take our bikes with us?; Can the campers take baby/child car seats?, What are the laws regarding wearing sea belts and road speeds ?; Is there a minimum rental period?; How are rental days calculated?; Does the campervan come equipped with an automatic or a manual transmission?; Am I responsible for traffic infringements?; What if I have an accident in our Campervan?; Is there an extra charge for a one way rental?; Are there any roads that I cannot drive?; Is unlimited mileage included in my price?; do the campervans come equipped with power steering, power brakes, and air conditioning?; What kind of fuel does the campervan use?; What is the minimum age to drive a campervan?; Is there enough storage for suitcases?; What camping equipment and bedding comes with the campervan?; How old is the campervan; Is there heating in the campervan?; How long will the batteries last; How much water is there on board/; Where can I empty the gray water and toilet water; How long will the appliance LPG last?; What kind of fuel mileage does the campervan get?; How much fuel does the campervan hold; Do I have to use a campground or can I stay where ever I want?; Can you suggest places to stay and things to see?; What credit cards do you take, and; What happens if the vehicle should break down?

While a motorhome does cost more to rent than a car, your real savings come into effect when you prepare your own breakfasts, packed lunches and dinners. Especially on longer trips, one does get tired of eating every meal out and you find yourself longing for a simple meal of mashed potatoes and sausage which can be easily prepared in your campervan. Shopping for groceries is such fun and its a great way to meet the locals and experience the country in which you are vacationing. If you do your research and ask all the right questions of the agency renting you a campervan you will be pleasantly surprised with an extraordinary campervan vacation.

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