Guide to campervan hiring


If you have the desire add some adventure to your otherwise boring journey, the best way to achieve you goal is with a campervan hire. The idea of travelling in a campervan promises the vacationer a journey with a feeling of a free spirit. It also provides the freedom of being able to travel according to your own time table, without having the worrying of flight or train schedules, or if you are travelling by car, then without having to worry about hotel bookings or finding a place to spend the night. The roof of the campervan opens up to provide considerable sleeping space. The feeling of comfort while living in a campervan is very homelike due to facilities like furnished interiors, satellite Television, cooking and dining, and many more. The campervan hire trend is fast catching up with people, especially the youth, who are filled with a daring and adventurous spirit. It is especially popular with trekkers, campers, and surfers.

Almost all cities, particularly the ones that are a tourist attractions offer campervan hire services. A good place to find numerous campervan rental hire companies is on the Internet where you will find campervans of all sizes, complete with all the facilities. To keep fuel costs to a minimum, most campervans run on diesel. Before hiring the vehicle, you should also test drive the campervan. Make sure that the vehicle runs smoothly before going on your journey. Insurance coverage for campervan hire may differ from place to place but hire is mostly expensive. It is important to take an insurance coverage before hiring a campervan and to know the provisions of the policy thoroughly before taking the coverage. Proper maintenance is very important during the time you have the campervan since the campervan hire is under your responsibility for this period of time as per the directions given by the hiring agency.

The agency you select to hire your campervan from should offer information on festivals tours, weather, money, exchange rates, petrol prices, food, and information on the best kids activities available. They should also have guides concerning distances between locations, maps, and the countries road rules. At a minimum the agency should offer: Competitive daily campervan hire rates; No hidden costs; No compulsory insurance, everything should be included in the daily rate; Modern and reliable campervans; 24 hour roadside assistance; Unlimited miles or kilometres at no extra cost; Multiple drivers at no extra cost; One way campervan rentals at no extra cost; A minimum deposit requirement. You shouldn't have to pay the balance until you collect your camper; Comprehensive campervan insurance coverage: A guide with local info including discount vouchers for the best activities, and; Personal, friendly service and local knowledge and tips to help you and your camper get off the beaten track.

In addition when checking out campervan rental agencies be sure to find out if they offer Insurance (what kind and how much), Child or baby restraints, The minimum age for driving a campervan, What additional items are available for hire, What is the minimal rental time/cost, Roadside assistance, A guarantee, the driver's licence requirements, extension or cancellation, vehicle warranties and safety, diesel and gasoline powered vehicles and, discount packages with tourist attractions. With the right amount of research an attention to details you will ensure a campervan vacation of a lifetime.

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