Campervan hire Italy


Organizing a well deserved break or planning a longer vacation? Then why not visit Italy by renting a campervan? These vehicles are increasingly popular with groups of friends and families who want to combine the fun of the open road with all the facilities you need to make your holiday one to remember. Wherever you want to go in the world, you can hire a campervan that is perfect for you and your budget. Whether you want a small two berth camper or a full fledged campervan that sleeps eight people, you can find what you are looking for. For freedom, flexibility, and value for money it is really hard to beat a campervan while traveling throughout Italy. Most campervans are have luxurious fittings throughout and are finished to an extremely high standard.

With a campervan you can tour the sights of Italy on your own timetable and course and in a luxury mobile accommodation. Campervans are designed with the terrain in mind. The infrastructure is well developed and there is no better way to get around, exploring historic relics, wineries, rugged mountains, beautiful bays, and much more than with one of these campervans. An island as diverse in beautifuyland fascinating as it is needs a flexible form of transportation to do it justice. For example, the rugged island of Sardinia has over 2,000 kilometres of coastline and is perfectly suited to a holiday with one of these tough, yet attractive campervans. There is no better way to explore the beautiful Italian countryside than with your accommodation travelling with you, and no timetables to keep.

If you find a beautiful spot, just stop and take in the view. Many agencies offer campervan tours, which are designed with the foreign visitor in mind. They allow you to enjoy all aspects of this fascinating country from wonderful local craftsmanship to ancient history. The campervan tours fare includes all the necessary equipment including basic food supplies, kitchenware, and bedclothes. Italy offers it all. From potentates, political puerility, poets, paramours, polenta, painters, to popes. Its sumptuous landscapes and dreamy light seem to be made for romance, and its culture and cuisine, and its three millennia of history wind up seducing nearly everyone. You can travel north to Tuscany and Umbria including Pisa and Florence or even further to Turin, Milan and even Venice is reachable by Autostrada.

Naples and the islands of Caprille and Ischia and Caprilie lie to the south, with Pompeii nearby. Both the west and east coasts have miles of beautiful beaches. In the south you will find the historical WW2 battlefields of Salerno, Messina, and Montecassino, not to mention the remains of the Greek civilization of 1000BC. Campervans come equipped with all the equipments and comforts necessary to make your vacation unforgettable. They are always new or nearly new, are very well maintained and all of them are presented to you clean and completely ready to go. Italy is famous for Renaissance paintings, sculptures, frescos, spectacular churches and relics dating back more than 3000 years. Just think with a campervan vacation you can visit the bleached sands of San Remo, the canals of Venice, and the crags of the Apennines, Dolomites , and the Alps. Italy has everything.

A campervan vacation will give you the opportunity to visit everything from the crumbling beauty of the Roman Coliseum to the awe inspiring Ponte Vecchio in Florence. Think Bottcelli, Carvaggio, and da Vinci.The atmosphere of Italy will range from the jet setter drinking expresso to the quiet hillside olive farms and seaside fishing villages to Armani scooter drivers. See it all in a campervan. These self contained vehicles offer true freedom allowing you to wander around Italy. Italian driving regulations are similar to those in the UK. An international driving licence is required in most cases.

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