Last Minute Campervan Hire


Hiring a campervan is a great way to tour a place, whether it is far away such as Australia or Canada, or just on your own doorstep by touring the United Kingdom. Hiring a campervan allows you the ultimate freedom of movement: if you don’t like an area, you can move on straight away, and if you really enjoy an area, you can stay as long as you want. Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about places to stay, places to eat and places to go to get washed, as this will all be included in your campervan.

What is Last Minute Campervan Hire?

There are many last minute holiday deals available, particularly if you are looking at flying to a far away destination such as America, Australia or Canada. If you are budgeting for your holiday, you may be looking at these types of flights, but this then also means that you cannot pre plan your arrival date and hire a campervan for your arrival. This is where last minute campervan hire comes in. Last minute campervan hire is offered on a last minute basis and means that you can book it on a spur of the moment decision.

Last Minute Campervan Hire Companies

There are quite a number of companies in the United Kingdom that offer last minute campervan hire both in the United Kingdom and abroad. Some of the more reputable companies include:

  • Land Cruise UK, specialising in last minute campervan hire with an impressive fleet of campervans, including luxury models.
  • California Cruzin, specialising in last minute campervan hire in California, United States. California Cruzin also offers a range of optional extras with its last minute campervan hire such as satellite navigation, bike racks, baby seats and much, much more.
  • Around Australia Motorhomes, offering last minute campervan hire in Australia.
  • Wild Horizon, offering last minute campervan hire across the United Kingdom, with depots in all of the major cities.

Last Minute Campervan Hire Costs

The cost of last minute campervan hire will vary depending on where you are hiring your campervan and how long you require your rental agreement for. However, generally speaking, last minute campervan hire is cheaper than regular campervan hire, just as last minute flights are cheaper than those booked early in advance. Depending on where you want to hire your campervan and how long for, you can expect to pay anything from £24 to £150 per day and using last minute campervan hire could more than halve those costs, making it a very interesting alternative to pre booking campervan hire.

So, if you have suddenly found a last minute flight to Canada and need last minute campervan hire when you arrive, or if you decide to tour the United Kingdom on the spur of the moment, you are sure to be able to find last minute campervan hire deals that will fit right in with all your needs and requirements, potentially saving you quite a lot of money in the process as well.

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