T5 Campervan Hire


If you are thinking about going to a festival or just taking a weekend break to go surfing, there really is no better way to travel than by campervan. With a campervan hire your transport is also your accommodation so you can literally travel to anywhere you like and stay wherever you like. Most campervans are more than affordable and often work out to be cheaper than hotels, and of course they have all the extra luxury that you won’t find with a tent. The Volkswagen T5 is one of the most popular campervans in the UK today.

What is T5 Campervan Hire?

The T5 is a model of Volkswagen campervan that was released onto the market in 2003. It is a fifth generation campervan and was made especially popular after rock band, The Who, held a live concert to celebrate Volkswagen campervans over the years. There are two types of T5 campervan, these being the 2 Berth and the 4 Berth which comes with a pretty cool elevating roof. The T5 campervan does not have the cumbersome motorhome feel to it, and as such is a preferred model of campervan by many travellers.

Companies Offering T5 Campervan Hire

There are dozens of companies in the UK that offer the T5 campervan for hire. Some of the more popular are below:

  • Kamperhire – Located in Droxford, a short ride from London, Kamperhire offer both the 2 Berth and 4 Berth T5. Their vans are available for both UK and European holidays.
  • Devon Cool Campers – Located in Devon, this company have a T5 campervan called “Mitch” for hire to surfers in the area. The van is available for nationwide holidays and comes complete with a fridge and cooking utensils.
  • Van Quest – Like the above company, Van Quest also have names for their two T5 campervans – Elsie and Willow. Located in Bideford, their campervans are available for nationwide hire.
  • Mekong Campers – Mekong Campers are located in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire and they offer both the T4 and T5 campervans for nationwide hire. Mekong Campers offer some of the cheapest prices for campervan hire in the UK.

T5 Campervan Hire Costs

The hire price of campervans will depend on a number of factors including the company you hire from, the hire period, whether European travel is included and sometimes even the time of year. For example with Kamperhire, the 2 Berth T5 can be hired for £55 a day in the winter and £100 a day in the summer and the 4 Berth T5 can be hired for £65 a day in the winter and £120 a day in the summer. The company will offer discounts for hires of over 14 days and VAT, insurance and unlimited mileage are included in the price.

So, if you are looking to hire a campervan, no matter what your reason, the T5 Campervan is an ideal choice. It is slightly more expensive than other models, but if you want to travel in style and comfort, the price is more than worth it!

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