Wedding Campervan Hire


Nothing says romance like a campervan right? At first you’ll probably think that’s a joke but actually, if you think harder about it, it could just be true. Imagine driving through the vineyards in France or traversing the Italian countryside with your new bride, stopping wherever you want to watch the sunset in each other’s arms or sleeping under the stars on a clear night. Imagine a week or more filled with driving until you’re lost and just losing yourself in the company of your partner. Nothing could be more romantic. Wedding campervan hire is affordable, different and a great way to spend your honeymoon. There are other reasons for wedding camper van hire too.

What Is Wedding Campervan Hire?

Wedding campervan hire is useful for three different things. The more traditional campervans, usually a VW campervan, can be used for the bride’s transport to and from the church and reception for a classic, stylish feel to the wedding. For those couples having out of town weddings, their guests might be interested in hiring a campervan to attend the wedding to save some money on the hotel room costs. Lastly, if you are looking for something different and fun for your honeymoon, wedding campervan hire might just be what you’re looking for. Campervans contain almost everything you need to travel around – some even have toilets or stovetops for cooking, depending on the size of the campervan.

Wedding Campervan Hire Companies

Wedding Campervan hire is a niche market and not many companies offer it, but there are enough that if you book soon enough, you can almost be guaranteed you will get a wedding campervan hire for your wedding.

  • Comfy Campers offer a vintage VW campervan that is chauffer driven for your big day.
  • Beetle Drive UK Have a huge range of different Beetles and campervans for you to hire for your wedding transport.
  • Strawberry Leisure, based in Cornwall have a range of VW campervans that can be hired for weddings and decorated to your tastes.

Wedding Campervan Hire Costs

Because of the general market, wedding campervan hire is far more expensive than your average campervan hire but most of the vehicles on offer are perfect condition restored vintage campervans that will turn all your wedding guests’ heads when you arrive. You can expect to pay around £300 to £400 per day for these campervans that usually come with a chauffeur included. For the stretch limousine style vehicles you can expect a price tag of around £500 for the day. By far the biggest appeal about these campervans is the attention they garner from those who see them.

If you’re looking for a unique and interesting honeymoon without having to break the bank, wedding campervan hire could just be exactly what you’re looking for. It offers a unique versatile experience that is accessible to just about anyone and means that your honeymoon will be one you’ll remember for the rest of your life. Wedding campervan hire can save you a lot of money on your honeymoon cost too, so when you get home, you can always buy that new lounge suite or dining table with the change.

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