Scotland Campervan Hire


Driving out into the highlands of Scotland is something that must be done once, at the very least, by everyone who has the opportunity. The landscapes and natural surroundings are absolutely outstanding as are the sights and tourism attractions throughout Scotland. Something that gives you the ability to explore the surroundings as well as convenient accommodation is Scotland campervan hire. And they are becoming more and more popular for holidaymakers the world over due to their economy and convenience. Going on holiday in a Scotland campervan hire can not only save you a lot in the price of your holiday, but actually means you’ll be seeing and doing more things because you’re relaxed and comfortable all day.

What Is Scotland Campervan Hire?

A campervan, or motor home, is a caravan like dwelling that has a cab and motor built into it, instead of being towed by a car. Campervans come in many different sizes and can contain a number of amenities from bathrooms to cooking appliances. Because of their relative low cost and accessibility, Scotland campervan hire has enjoyed a growing popularity amongst families hiring them for holidays in favour of hotel rooms and rental cars. Scotland campervan hire provides a convenient and cost effective way of going on holiday with many added benefits that make the Scotland Campervan hire option a very attractive one.

Scotland Campervan Hire Companies

  • Big Tree Campervans operate a Scotland campervan hire service that is both easily accessible and very affordable. They boast very well laid out campervans with elevated roofs.
  • Freedom of Scotland Campervans hire campervans to the general public and offer many different makes and models of campervans for you to enjoy your holiday in.
  • Highland Campervans offer a variety of campervan models that can be tailored to meet all holiday budgets.

Scotland Campervan Hire Costs

Let’s have a quick look at what it costs to hire a car and rent a hotel room. An average family car will cost you about £30 a day if you go for a small one, and a hotel room can cost anywhere north of £50 a night for a small three star hotel room, which offers little in the way of services. The same facilities in a campervan will cost you as little as £40 per day. In truth, when you’re saving that much, it’s difficult to justify the hotel room over Scotland campervan hire. Even a family or group of six can get away with around £100 per day to hire a campervan. These prices, if hired for a week or more, can decrease further.

When you look at the whole picture, there is a lot to be said for the humble campervan. Not only does it have all the conveniences you might need on your holiday, it also means that you aren’t confined to the hotel bookings you would need to make before you leave. If you want to spend an extra day somewhere, you can. Scotland Campervan hire truly is one of the best ways to see the country, not only on a budget, but any other time too.

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