VW Campervan Hire North East


The North East is home to some major UK cities including Sunderland, Durham and Newcastle. However, while these cities do have several appealing attractions, it would be fair to say that the bulk of the VW campervan hire companies focus their business on the coastal regions. While the North East is not renowned for its weather, the areas near the sea are packed with beauty and are quite popular with those people who are wishing to go on short breaks. Many holidaymakers simply hire a campervan, park it on one of the many camping fields and spend the majority of their stay on the coast. The North East is also seen as a big sports region and tens of thousands of football fans visit the area every week to watch their respective team. This brings a different type of trade to the VW campervan hire industry, with a lot of these people looking to stay two or three nights in a campervan and make a mini-break out of their stay.

Many people may dismiss the North East as a holiday destination, but as the above has highlighted there are reasons for people to visit the region. This means that the campervan hire industry is relatively large and at the moment, the following three companies are seen as some of the most reputable and established firms in the local area:

  • North East VW Camper Hire
  • Hire a VW Camper Van
  • BeSeen Car Hire

North East VW Camper Hire

Based just on the outskirts of Newcastle, North East VW Camper Hire are a family business that have made significant progress in the market in recent years. At the moment the company owns just the one vehicle, with a campervan named Felicity being core to their business. It would be fair to say that prices for this company appear to match the industry standards, with customers paying between £400 and £670 per week.

Hire a VW Camper Van

Hire a VW Camper Van have been in operation for a number of years and have become a highly regarded firm in the North East region. Family owned, the company currently have two VW campervans in their fleet but allow customers to hire many extras completely free of charge with examples being DVD players, TVs and even a children’s scrapbook. Such extras have made the company very popular and with prices being as low as £600 for the summer months, it’s no surprise to see how rapid the business is expanding.

BeSeen Car Hire

As the name suggests, BeSeen Car Hire don’t simply specialise in VW campervans but also car rental. In fact, the main core of their business is focussed around the wedding industry, with their vehicles being supplied for weddings across the whole of the North East. The company currently have just the one campervan in their fleet, with this being a VW Splitscreen Camper. Unlike the vast majority of companies in the industry, BeSeen Car Hire do not publish a full list of prices on their website and instead ask for potential customers to email them for a quote.

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