VW Campervan Hire South West


The South West is one of the most popular regions for VW campervan hire in the UK. There are countless places to visit for holidaymakers, with Devon, Gloucestershire, Wiltshire and Cornwall just being a few of these. All of these regions offer the customer a truly beautiful experience, with the landscape being tailored perfectly for VW campervan hire. There are acres of green space to explore and whilst a lot of the time people will want to make the most of this countryside, there are many major cities such as Plymouth and Bristol in the area which can provide for the common needs.

The above information highlights just how desirable the South West is to visit and indicates that there is a large market for VW campervan hire. It could be said that the South West is one of the most popular regions for campervans and due to its size, this also means that there are many hire companies vying for custom. This presents the consumer with plenty of options, with the three companies below seen as some of the most commonly chosen firms in the current market:

  • SW Camper Hire
  • Devon Classic Campers
  • Devon Cool Campers

SW Camper Hire

SW Camper Hire are one of the largest companies based in the South West, with their business currently containing seven VW campervans available for hire. The company also claim to be adding another two to their list in the very near future. This means that customers have vast variety to choose from, with some of their vehicles being extremely traditional having been manufactured in 1967, while others are more modern, with the newest being a 2003 Camper. With so many vehicles to choose from, the company has a range of different pricing structures although they certainly seem competitive, with customers being able to pay as little as £399 per week at certain points in the year.

Devon Classic Campers

As the name suggests, this company are based in Devon yet they still service most of the South West region. Devon Classic Campers are another large firm in the area and this can be highlighted by the size of their fleet, which currently contains eight VW campervans. Just like the previous firm, Devon Classic Campers operate a different pricing structure due to the variation in all of their vehicles. However, customers can still be sure to find a good deal, with some packages costing as little as £375 per week.

Devon Cool Campers

Again, the name of this company gives them away and perhaps highlights just how big the VW campervan hire market is in Devon. This is another firm who provide plenty of variation to their customers and at the moment there is a choice of five different vehicles. There is another extensive list of prices on this website, although customers can pay just £425 per week for some vehicles in the low season. The company also provide prices for shorter trips, with some short breaks costing £325.

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