VW Campervan Hire Devon


Devon is another region in the South West of England that has proved extremely popular amongst holidaymakers. With Cornwall on the doorstep of the county, a lot of people tend to hire campervans so they can make the most of both regions which certainly sounds a good idea considering all of what is to offer in both. The majority of Devon is open, meaning that there is plenty of places to park a campervan. A lot of people tend to visit and stay in the Dartmoor area, which is a huge park of open space which also stretches to the coast. As well as all of the rural features of Devon, there are several big cities such as Plymouth and Exeter which provide the visitor with many other attractions such as shopping and theatre facilities. Such variation has made VW campervan hire in Devon very popular and it also means that there is great competition amongst hire firms to attract customers.

Following on from the above, it is recommended to at least enquire about the following three established firms in Devon:

  • O’Connors Campers
  • SW Camper Hire
  • Classic Camper Van Hire

O’Connors Campers

Based right in the middle of Devon, O’Connors have grown at an impressive rate over recent years and now boast a fleet size of 14 vehicles. Each VW campervan contains different features and to add something of a novelty to their business, O’Connors have provided comic names to each of their vehicles. The company’s booking system is one of the best in the industry and users of their website can immediately check on the availability of each different vehicle. With this section of their website also containing prices for each of the campervans, potential customers of O’Connors certainly have a wealth of information about the company at their fingertips and this should aid them into getting the perfect package for their needs.

SW Camper Hire

SW Camper Hire are not only renowned in Devon, but in other counties such as Cornwall and Somerset as well. The company’s range of VW campervans is certainly impressive and customers should have absolutely no problem in picking one that suits their exact specification. With that being said, prices for SW Camper Hire vary substantially with some months costing less than £400 per week, while the price for others will be almost double that price. However, with the company offering various discounts for part-week hire, they are at least versatile and this could suit a lot of people.

Classic Camper Van Hire

Classic Camper Van Hire are another Devon company with a large fleet, with the firm currently possessing 14 different vehicles. Unlike the majority of firms in the industry, Classic Camper Van Hire don’t directly publish a list of prices on their website although customers can find them out by using the simple availability booking form. In something else that is also unique for the industry, the firm provide their customers with a list of camp sites in the area which can be very helpful to say the least.

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