Cheap UK Campervan Hire


Many people simply think that the holiday market in the UK is performing well due to the poor economic climate. However, this is not the case at all and while there is no doubt that there is still a huge demand for holidays abroad, a lot of people still enjoy taking short breaks in the UK. The country may lack in heat waves, but it certainly makes up in other areas with the attraction market particularly impressive. Whether it be any of the London attractions, places to visit in Yorkshire or Scotland, the UK has something for everyone and this means that it holds an extremely health campervan hire market.

Of course, when it comes to campervan hire it certainly helps if the weather is at least decent. However, with so many areas to explore, this is certainly not too much of a necessity. The green belt policy in the UK means that there are acres and acres of green space, with a lot of this being beautiful fields of countryside. This is fantastic news for the campervan enthusiast, although there are even specialist areas such as the National Park zones that could be considered as well.

Considering the above, there is no doubt that the UK campervan industry is booming. There is a huge demand for hire and fortunately, this means that it is very easy to access cheap campervans. However, while there are many firms available, customers are obviously then presented with a very tricky decision about which company to choose. To gain a rough idea of how the market works, consumers are therefore advised to check out the businesses below:

  • Just Go
  • Motorholme
  • Freeline Motor Homes

Just Go

Just Go claim to be the largest motor home rental company in the UK. At the moment, there are five different campervans in their fleet and interestingly, Just Go supply an Xbox 360, DVD and flat screen television with all of their packages. The company do not actively market a full list of prices, although users can obtain a quick quote by completing several details on the company website.


Having first opened their doors over ten years ago, Motorholme have a wealth of experience in the campervan hire industry and have hundreds of vehicles available to hire in the UK. From 2-berth to 7-berth, Motorholme have a vast array of options although just like the previous firm, they do not actively advertise prices. Instead, consumers can find out the cost of campervans by completing a quote form that is situated on their website.

Freeline Motor Homes

Freeline Motor Homes cover the whole of the United Kingdom and also allow their vehicles to be taken abroad. They also have a range of campervans available including 2-berth, 4-berth, 5-berth and 6-berth vehicles. As one would expect, the prices for all of these models vary considerably and while some packages can start as low as £485 per week, others are more expensive and customers could pay as much as £885.

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