Cheap Campervan Hire UK


The UK is seen as king of the campervan locations, with the country boasting many areas which are perfect for holidaying in the country. Starting with the tourism industry, the UK holds countless attractions that appeal to millions of visitors with London in particular housing a lot of these. Of course, it’s not just the capital that holds appeal, with the likes of Yorkshire, the South West and Scotland all proving as popular holiday destinations due to their attractions. The beauty of travelling in a campervan means that all of these places are easily accessible.

Away from the attractions industry and the UK holds something else that will appeal to holidaymakers. Even though many residents may not appreciate it, there is no getting away from the fact that the country is layered in beautiful landscape. This is mainly due to building regulations that mean that developers are not permitted to build in certain open spaces, paving the way for National Parks to survive and attract their own type of visitor. Of course, holidaymakers are part of this market and many simply hire a campervan and make the most of this countryside.

With the financial crisis meaning that many families struggle to go on holidays abroad at the moment, the campervan hire market is in its element. As the above has highlighted, there are plenty of reasons to hire a campervan in the UK and it is very easy to keep costs to a minimum. The following firms are seen as some of cheapest campervan hire providers in the UK at the moment:

  • Cheap Motor Homes
  • Wild Horizon
  • Chariot’s Motor Home Hire

Cheap Motor Homes

The name of this company highlights exactly what their aim is; to make campervan hire as cheap as possible for customers. The firm should be the first port of call for all consumers, as they act as a comparison website by comparing the prices of many firms for the dates that a customer selects. Customers can obtain some ludicrously cheap quotes through the company, with one example being where a 2-berth campervan can be hired for less than £15 per day.

Wild Horizon

Wild Horizon are another firm who claim to be one of the largest suppliers of cheap campervans in the UK. At the moment, the firm have five different vehicles available to hire with these ranging between 2-berth and 7-berth campervans. With each vehicle varying so drastically in size, Wild Horizon charge different prices for each and appear quite competitive with prices ranging between £349 and £1049 per week depending on the type of vehicle and season.

Chariot’s Motor Home Hire

The final firm that will be looked at is Chariot’s Motor Home Hire. Just like the previous company, this firm offer 2-berth vehicles right the way up to 7-berth ones. However, it would appear as though Chariot’s Motor Home Hire prices are slightly more expensive, with customers paying anywhere between £640 and £1249 per week again dependant on the vehicle and time of year. The company claim that the reason for their prices is that unlike other firms, absolutely everything is included in these costs.

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