Cheap Campervan Hire Europe


There was once a time where campervan hire companies would not even entertain the idea of allowing any of their fleet to leave the country and head on a tour of Europe. However, over recent times the needs of holidaymakers have changed and many people decide to travel around the continent in a campervan to taste the full benefits of Europe. This has meant that companies have relaxed their conditions regarding foreign travel and many do provide specific packages for their customers which allow them to enter other areas of Europe.

The UK still stands as one of the most popular destinations for campervan hire, although other regions are starting to see improvements in the market now. The likes of Spain, Portugal and Greece all benefit from terrific weather and this means that a lot of people are starting to target these countries. It goes without saying that France is, and always will be, a very popular campervan destination and this is mainly due to its proximity to the UK and also the landscape available in the country. Germany, Belgium, Switzerland and Poland are other popular campervan destinations, with each offering different types of appeal.

As stated above, it’s only recently that campervan hire companies have started to allow their vehicles to access other areas of Europe. However, there are still a lot that do not give this privilege although it can sometimes take time to pick them out. At the moment, consumers may want to save time by taking a look at the following companies, which are confirmed to offer cheap campervan hire in Europe:

  • Wicked Campers
  • Holiday Autos
  • Spaceships Rentals

Wicked Campers

Rather than simply having a base in the UK, Wicked Campers are an international company and have offices in Amsterdam, Barcelona, Dublin and many more. At the moment the firm have two vehicles available, with one being a standard two seater while the other is classed as a multi seater. It has to be said that Wicked Campers run a number of specials that can save customers a lot of money, but to obtain a quote consumers should simply visit their website and complete the simple online form. This will fetch the prices for a particular vehicle in a given month.

Holiday Autos

Holiday Autos have forged a reputation mainly through being a reputable car rental company. However, in recent times they have expanded in the campervan hire market and just like other sections of their business, customers can find some really cheap hire packages. Being part of the highly reputable, Holiday Autos have access to many campervans and this means that customers can usually find some extremely cheap prices.

Spaceships Rentals

Spaceships Rentals are another accomplished cheaper campervan hire company that cover Europe, with the company currently having sixteen branches across the world. They have three campervans available for hire and it would be fair to say their vehicles are of the unique variety, with some being converted people carriers that have been altered into motor homes.

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