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One could write a whole dissertation and more on the wonders of America, although this article will attempt to condense the highlights down into just a couple of hundred words. The United States is seen as one of the top destinations to visit and while many people simply go to the tourist hotspots such as Disneyland, New York or Las Vegas, others decide to take out a campervan and make the most of the country in that way.

In terms of campervan hire in the nation, this is a very popular activity and many people find themselves travelling across the country from state to state to enjoy the full benefits of the country. With America holding so much open space and roads sometimes stretching for hundreds of miles without a single attraction, it’s really no surprise to see campervan hire as such a common activity.

Many American residents decide to hire a campervan to explore their country and this often works out as a very cheap experience. With the country also being highly accessible due the vast number of airports, it is also proving very cheap for foreigners to hire the vehicles for holidaying purposes. However, for foreign people in particular, it can take time to become familiar with the market and what is on offer. For this reason, consumers are advised to take a look at the following firms which have become established in America over recent years:

  • Escape Campervans
  • Wicked Campers
  • Happy Travel Campers

Escape Campervans

Escape Campervans say their business model has been designed for the budget traveller, meaning that they are most certainly a supplier of cheap campervan hire. The firm have won various awards for their services and can be found in many places all over the country. At the moment it appears as though they just have the two vehicles available in their fleet, yet the company claim that this figure is growing and they should be able to offer more to customers in the near future. Unlike the majority of firms in the industry, Escape Campervans do not publish a list of prices but claim that customers will pay less if they book further in advance.

Wicked Campers

Wicked Campers are one of the most well known cheap campervan hire companies around the world and boast offices in various locations. In the US, the company currently hold offices in North America and have one vehicle available in their fleet. However, with Wicked Campers being such a progressive company, do not be surprised to see this figure increase in the near future. For now, customers can obtain a quote from the firm by completing several details on the online form.

Happy Travel Campers

Happy Travel Campers was born in 1987 and thus has plenty of experience in campervan hire business in America. Based in California, customers of the company benefit from the beautiful parks and coastline that the state has to offer. Happy Travel Campers currently have six vehicles in their fleet and with each campervan varying in specification, users have to complete an online quote form to discover prices.

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