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There is something of an unwritten rivalry between English and Scottish people, yet that certainly does not stop the former visiting Scotland as it has become an incredibly popular tourist hotspot, particularly for those people hiring campervans. When it comes to the attractions market the country is second to none and history enthusiasts will be enthralled at the amount that is on offer in Scotland. Whether it be Edinburgh Castle or Glasgow Cathedral, Scotland is immersed in history and this makes it an extremely interesting place to take a campervan. On the opposite end of the spectrum, there have been large investments in recent years to bring the country up to modern speed. Such investment has resulted in buildings such as the Glasgow Science museum, which was recently handed a five star rating by the Scottish Tourist Board. Elsewhere, sport, music and nightlife are also big in Scotland, meaning that the country has something for everyone.

In regards to campervan hire in Scotland, there is no doubt that the country is perfect for this. As well as everything mentioned above, Scotland boasts miles and miles of open green beauty which makes campervan hire very popular. Many people tend to visit the Scottish Highlands, but there are in fact many other places to go that are almost on a par with them.

The above text has highlighted just how much Scotland has to offer. Fortunately, hiring a campervan in Scotland is not expensive, with the companies below offering very cheap packages:

  • Highland Campervans
  • FOS Motor Home Hire
  • Campers Scotland

Highland Campervans

Highland Campervans specialise in everything related to the campervan industry, whether this be hire, sales or servicing. In the hire department, the company currently have five vehicles available for hire with each varying in specification. With so many different vehicles, consumers will not be surprised to hear that prices also vary. The most expensive campervan in the company’s fleet costs between £130 and £140 per night depending on the season, while the cheapest is between £85 and £105.

FOS Motor Home Hire

FOS Motor Home Hire are slightly different than most companies in the campervan hire industry, in the way they act as more of an agent. The firm have access to over sixty five different vehicles, meaning that customers have an incredible choice and can usually find very good packages. FOS Motor Home Hire claim to be the best campervan hire agency in Scotland and bearing this in mind, they should definitely be considered.

Campers Scotland

Campers Scotland are another company with plenty of experience in the campervan hire industry. Just like Highland Campervans, this company are also a general campervan company and this means that they have access to a large fleet of vehicles. Prices for the firm appear to be very competitive as well, with customers paying between £395 and £595 per week depending on the season.

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