Campervan Hire Europe


The popularity of campervan holidaying continues to rise in the UK and recent years have shown that many people are choosing the option of hiring a campervan for holidays as opposed to buying outright. Hiring a campervan has many benefits and means no need for expensive tax and MOT costs, and no regular spends on maintenance which can often prove costly; it also gives the option of using the campervan for a short term purpose such as a short break, birthday, wedding or festival.

The ability to travel when and where you like and at a leisurely pace have contributed to a big rise in campervan hire. Europe and the UK can be thoroughly explored without the restrictions of a hotel or bed and breakfast and there are countless hidden gems to be seen beyond the reaches of public transport.

Conditions of campervan hire

Campervans in the UK can be hired by anyone between the ages of 25 and 70; however some companies may allow drivers over the age of 21 to drive a campervan on hire. Anyone person with a full UK car driving licence is eligible to drive a campervan and will be accepted by most companies offering campervan hire. Europe has much the same conditions as the UK for driving on the continent and a UK licence will hold no restrictions, however some companies do ask that a licence is free of driving penalties. A need for a valid MasterCard or Visa is required for most bookings; this will be used to reserve the vehicle and to charge a deposit.

Using a UK campervan in Europe

The UK is a popular holiday destination and has many great sites and landscapes but is more often than not, let down by the traditional British weather. There are a growing number of campervan hire suppliers that now allow their vehicles to be driven into Europe. Travelling into Europe by campervan can be an excellent experience and one that is not restricted by hotels and expensive fees in every city and country.

A large number of European countries have toll roads that require a fee to access. These routes are often the quickest way to a destination and are generally traffic free and the correct chance will be needed upon arrival.

It is important as a customer that you make sure breakdown and recovery services are included with your campervan hire, Europe based countries may have different service to the UK and European breakdown cover will be needed; many companies will charge an extra fee for this cover and an insurance supplement may also be required.

There are hundreds of companies in the UK that can provide campervan hire; Europe is not an option with everyone and you may need to shop around. Travelling in to Europe from the UK by campervan and no special documentation will be needed for most mainland destinations. There are a select amount of countries that may require a green-card and this you should check with the hire company before travelling.

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