Campervan Hire Broome


Australia has long been a country favoured by campervan enthusiasts and holiday makers travelling together in a camper can enjoy the wide open spaces and excellent sights as-well as the numerous activities on offer. Broome is the perfect example of what a town in Western Australia can offer and tourists flock to the town for the beautiful wide open white sand beaches and tropical climate. Attractions such as Roebuck Bay and the Broome Jetty see the population of the town swell to three times its average size during the tourist season and this has led to the town becoming a popular location for campervan hire. Broome has an excellent selection of companies that can provide campervans for couples, families and groups alike so that everyone has the chance to experience this pearling town to the full.


Britz are the largest provider in Australia for campervan hire, Broome is one of the company’s most popular locations and they are able to offer campers suited to both families and couples. The company excel in low budget self-drive campers and they have two four-wheel-drive campervans which are ideal for the roads of Broome. In total, Britz have 11 different campervans in their fleet, and each one will suit the requirements of customers, all vehicles include the necessities to make a holiday a good one such as seating, sink, gas hob, bedding and storage space. There are also plenty of extras that can be added to a package to make a holiday complete, extras include:

  • Child seats
  • Atlas
  • Gas bottles
  • Picnic table
  • Camping chairs
  • Heaters
  • Satellite navigation
  • Awning

Apollo campervan hire

Apollo is a family run business and a large provider of campervan hire. Broome offering the facilities for holiday makers that is does makes it the ideal market for the company and they have helped thousands of customers enjoy the holidaying experience to the full through top of the range campervans. The company were first established in 1985 and have grown to become a world-class provider of campervans thanks to excellent customer service and competitive rates. Apollo have a wide range of two and four berth campervans which come with all the essentials needed for a complete trip, there are also regular special offers available whereby customers can save on the price of hire.

Cheapa Campervan Hire

Australia has a big market for campervans and they are often in high demand, especially through the dry season, one popular company through the country is Cheapa Campervan Hire. Broome is one of many locations in which the company operates and customers can take advantage of a range of five different campervans which can equally serve both couples and families. Each vehicle hire will include unlimited kilometres, giving customers the chance to explore further afield, there is also roadside assistance on all vans. Each campervan offered is guaranteed to be less than five years old and offers all of the necessities needed for a camping trip. Booking early is recommended during busy periods.

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