Campervan Hire Weekend


As purse strings begin to tighten in the UK, many people are choosing to holiday on home shores as opposed to travelling abroad which is becoming more expensive by the year. The UK is a place that offers excellent potential for holidaying and has a brilliant mix of modern and cultural cities, brilliant shopping and thousands of miles of open countryside, rolling hills, coastline and beautiful landscape. One of the best ways to see what the UK has to offer in its entirety is to opt for campervan hire, weekend campervan hire is particularly popular with couples, families and groups alike and gives people the chance to cram countless hours of adventure and activity over two or three days.

Weekend campervan hire in the UK is also a popular choice for the thousands of people that attend music festivals each year. Campervans are becoming favoured by festival goers as a comfortable and warm place to sleep at night and a way to escape the muddy fields. The added security of a camper is also beneficial and belongings can be stored safely throughout the day and night.

Where can I find weekend campervan hire?

In terms of campervan hire, weekend rentals are often the most common; most, if not all, hire firms will provide weekend hire on all vehicles. Some companies may have a limit of a minimum two or three nights rental whereas others will price campers on a daily rate; no matter what your chosen hire term, whether is a one nights hire across Saturday and Sunday or a long weekend Friday to Monday, finding hire will not problem.

Availability however might prove a stumbling block at certain times of the year. Campervan hire, weekends especially, is very popular in summer months. Companies in popular campervan destinations such as South West England, the Lake District, Scottish Highlands and East Anglia have significantly increased demand during the summer months of July and August; prices during this time will be higher than in low season months such as November/December and January/February. If you are planning a campervan weekend during the summer months then it is advisable to book early, sometimes booking six months to a year in advance is required, particularly for classic VW campervans which are the most sought after.

What is included with weekend campervan hire?

Whether you are hiring a campervan for a weekend or two weeks, the features and inclusions are likely to be the same, campervans come in different types from retro VW’s to modern and luxurious motorhomes. The motorhome is a much larger vehicle and is can sleep from 2-7 people, it is also likely to cost more to hire than a smaller camper such as a VW which sleeps 2-4 people. The motorhome has more as standard features such as a bathroom but all types of campervan are inclusive of the following:

  • Gas hob cooker
  • Sink and water supply
  • Electrical hook-up
  • Beds
  • Seating
  • Lighting
Most companies offering campervan hire, weekend or otherwise will also include a fully equipment inventory inclusive of all cooking, dining and safety equipment.

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