Campervan Hire Wales


Wales is a country blessed with wonderful landscapes, castles and historical sites, and combines these benefits with modern culture, arts and shopping. There is plenty for all to see and do when visiting the country and one of the best ways to get around is through campervan hire. Wales is a popular destination for campervan enthusiasts and people from across the world visit the country in there millions each year.

Hiring a campervan is also a good alternative to buying which can prove costly. Campervans are not vehicles that are built for everyday use and short term usage is often more suitable, this is exactly what hire gives. Buying also lands an owner with yearly MOT’s, tax and insurance as-well maintenance and servicing costs. The overall cost of a campervan is often too expensive for a vehicle that is generally only used for short getaways and weekly summer holidays, because of this more people opt to hire a camper to fulfil holidaying needs.

Benefits of campervan hire

There are numerous benefits that come with campervan hire. Wales is a country that is rich in natural assets and many of the country’s natives have yet to experience everything on offer from popular landmarks to hidden gems. Tourists staying in bed and breakfasts or hotels also find themselves restricted as to what they can see.

Despite being a small country, travelling around attractions on public transport can be costly and does not give the same exposure; this is where a campervan is beneficial. Campervan travel provides the best way to see the glorious parts of Wales on a budget that suits.

The freedom of a campervan is also something that many people adore; the ability to travel at a leisurely pace and stop-off when and where you chose from a beach to a country park.

All types of traveller are suited to campervan hire; Wales based campervan suppliers are able to provide vans ranging in size from 2-7 berths and suited to all kinds of occasion from corporate hire to family holidaying.

What is included in campervan hire?

Companies generally differ on what they will include in a standard package of camper van hire, Wales though is a competitive country for campervan hiring and in order to gain custom companies will provide camping packages perfect for the self-catering holiday.
As a rule, companies will over the following items to cover the driver and the vehicle:
  • Insurance
  • Breakdown cover and roadside assistance
  • VAT
In addition to this, companies will supply vans with a mileage allowance, this will either be capped at a certain amount with a charge per mile once exceeded or unlimited, the latter is particularly beneficial for customers looking for long distance travel. Most companies will also supply the following:

  • 240v power lead and hook up
  • Water supply
  • Bedding and linen
  • Cooking equipment (cutlery, crockery, utensils etc.)
  • Gas canister
  • Leisure battery
Extras can also be added such as Satellite Navigation System, child seats, drive-away awning and extra camping equipment.

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