Campervan Hire in Kent


Hiring a campervan is a great way to enjoy complete freedom of movement whilst you are on holiday. You no longer have to worry about where to sleep, as you are literally driving your bed around. Nor do you have to worry about dirty bathrooms, so long as you clean the one in your campervan of course. The days of having to spend three quarters of your holiday money on expensive meals out are also over, as campervans have little kitchenettes so you can cook yourself. And no more worrying about where to sit when it’s raining because comfortable seating areas are also available in a campervan. Campervan holidays are fantastic!

What is Campervan Hire in Kent?

Kent is a very interesting area in the South of the United Kingdom. It is known as the Garden of England, because of its unspoilt natural beauty. Opting to find campervan hire in Kent means that you can visit the whole of the area with an itinerary that suits your needs and requirements, allowing you to stay in an area that interests you for as long as you want, or leaving straight away from a spot that you find to be a disappointment. The beauty of campervan hire in Kent is that you can decide yourself what does and does not suit your idea of the perfect holiday.

Campervan Hire in Kent Companies

Campervan hire is becoming increasingly popular all across the United Kingdom, and Kent is no exception. There are many companies offering campervan hire in Kent, such as:

  • Ashford Motor Homes who offer regular discounts on campervan hire in Kent.
  • Rent a Retro Camper who specialise in retro campers such as Volkswagen vans.
  • Campervantastic who offer an award winning service on their Volkswagen California campervans.

Campervan Hire in Kent Costs

The price of campervan hire in Kent will depend on a number of factors. One of the important things to remember, however, is that it will almost always be cheaper than travelling via public transport or your own vehicle and having to stay in hotels or in campsites. Some of the things that will influence the price of campervan hire in Kent are:

  • The type of campervan you require – how many people does it need to be able to fit (this is generally expressed in berths)? What level of luxury are you looking for in your campervan? Are you looking at vintage caravans or a new American Winnebago for example? Do you need any optional extras such as satellite navigation systems, child seats, additional driver insurance or air conditioning?
  • The length of time your hire agreement needs to be for – most companies encourage longer term hire (one week or more) by significantly reducing their day to day price.
  • Your location compared to the company, particularly if you are unable to pick up and drop off the campervan, in which case you may be charged for delivery.
As you can see, Kent is a great place to go on a campervan holiday and finding campervan hire in Kent companies is easy!

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