Campervan Hire in London


Once you have decided to take your very first campervan holiday, you are likely to wonder how you ever did things differently. It is hard to describe the amount of differences between a regular holiday and a campervan holiday, but the benefits are, simply put, tremendous. Firstly, hiring a campervan is generally much cheaper than renting a room in a hotel or a space on a campsite. Secondly, there is no more need to worry about sub standard accommodation or being stuck in a place that you find out you don’t like. Nor do you have to spend a huge chunk of your holiday money on going out for a meal every day. A campervan has it all: comfortable seating and sleeping, a bathroom and a kitchen. But mainly, it allows you to just come and go as you please.

What is Campervan Hire in London?

London is of course the capital of the United Kingdom. Many foreign and national tourists come to London every year, either to explore the sites in the capital itself, or to visit other parts of the country. Finding a campervan hire in London company is a great idea if your holiday starts in London, giving you the freedom to travel to any other destination in the United Kingdom you may want to visit.

Campervan Hire in London Companies

There are many companies offering campervan hire in London, many of these offering pick up options from any of the London airports. A full range of campervans are available from companies in and around London, from the most luxurious to the cheap and nasty. Some of the companies you could consider contacting if you are looking for campervan hire in London include:

  • Spaceships Rentals who pride themselves on their very low costs.
  • Amber Motor Homes who have a range of different campervans for hire, from two to six berths.
  • Campervantastic who specialise in Volkswagen campervan hire in London and the surrounding areas.
  • Free Wheeler Campers who offer both two and four berth Volkswagen campervans.

Campervan Hire in London Costs

The costs of campervan hire in London will depend entirely on your requirements. Generally, there are fixed daily prices that increase as the size of the campervan increases. However if you are going with a group of people and paying per person then larger campervans are often much cheaper. Although the standard price is usually indicated per day, many companies encourage longer term hire by dropping their daily price for campervan hire in London when the agreement is for one week or more. Of course, the level of luxury you are looking for in your campervan will also influence the price, as will any optional extras such as an additional driver, satellite navigation, child seats or air conditioning. Lastly, you may incur a charge for pick up and delivery if you are unable to pick the van up from the depot yourself.

As you can see, if you are looking at exploring any part of the United Kingdom starting from London, finding a campervan hire in London company may be the solution for you.

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