Campervan Hire in Scotland


Hiring a campervan is the ideal way to spend a holiday for many people. Visions of driving towards a sunset immediately come to mind, preferably on a lonely road surrounded by cliffs and mountains. Hiring a campervan is a great way to visit any area you like and stay there for as long as you like: you have complete freedom of movement. No more holiday disappointments because you find out your hotel is sub standard or the area you have gone to is not what you expected. If that happens, you turn the key and move on, that’s how simple it is and that is what the attraction is for many people. That and the fact that you no longer have to worry about where to eat, sleep and wash yourself of course.

What is Campervan Hire in Scotland?

Scotland is such a beautiful country in the United Kingdom. It is incredibly popular amongst tourists with a range of different tastes. Scotland truly has it all: from major cities and shopping malls to ancient history, lochs and mountains. The Scottish Highlands are famous the world over for their rugged landscapes. Perhaps not the best place to go for a camping trip, finding campervan hire in Scotland can be a great way to escape the weather. If it rains – as it does often in Scotland – you can still be perfectly comfortable when you’re not driving, which is more than can be said for many tents.

Campervan Hire in Scotland Companies

There are many companies offering campervan hire in Scotland, both local and national companies. The range of campervans on offer is very diverse, from the cheap and cheerful to the incredibly luxurious. Some of the companies offering campervan hire in Scotland that you may want to take into consideration include:

  • Caldonian Campers who pride themselves on their low prices.
  • Roam Scotalnd who offer four and six berth campers.
  • Walk Highlands who specialise in offering campervan hire in the Scottish Highlands.

Campervan Hire in Scotland Costs

The cost of campervan hire in Scotland will depend entirely on what your exact needs and requirements are. The first thing to think about is the amount of berths (sleeping places) you need, as the larger campervans will generally be more expensive. However, when calculated on a person to person basis, you may actually find that the larger vans are cheaper. The next thing that will influence the total cost of campervan hire in Scotland is the length of time you require your hire agreement for. Generally, companies will encourage longer term hire (one week or more) by significantly reducing their day to day price, sometimes by as much as 50%. The level of luxury will also influence the price, as well any optional extras, such as an additional driver.

As you can see, you can truly have the holiday of a lifetime by going to Scotland. And by opting for campervan hire in Scotland, there truly is nothing stopping you from having the holiday you have always dreamed of.

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